August 16, 2012

Turn Your Pain Into Plans" from Doodle Alley (found after creeping through Charlie's facebook feed)

The text of this comic reads:

I find that the most painful places for me to be are the places for which I have no hope of leaving. Whether it’s a mundane pain or a profound pain, its effect on me is always tripled by the thought that I might have to live in it forever. What helps me most when I find myself in this place is turning my pain into plans. Having a plan is the difference between despair and hope. A plan inscribes a path out of the pain for you to follow. Though it may not immediately change your circumstances…it will change your perspective. It lets you know that this struggle is not a dead-end and it is only an obstacle. You are not stuck inside, you are only going THROUGH. So turn your pain into plans!

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